FaxZero: Fax Machine for the Modern Day

July 20, 2010

So, the other day I ran across a very neat website that does something I’ve been wanting to do for many many years. How many of you have wanted to send a fax, but didn’t have a fax machine to send it with? Why would you have a fax machine? The technology is older than dinosaurs. Unfortunately, many companies and universities still require you to fax documents over and won’t accept anything over email. This is where FaxZero comes in.

Now some might say that eFax already provides this service and yes, it does. However, eFax requires a monthly subscription in order to use that service. FaxZero, on the other hand, is either free or pay-per-fax (via PayPal).

The way it works is that you can upload a document (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf), enter in a destination phone number (international costs a little bit more), and send your document. You’ll receive an email confirming that you’re a legitimate user and by clicking the link in the email, the fax process will begin.

You can send your fax for free as long as your document is less than 3 pages long and you can send up to 2 free faxes a day. This fax will also sent with a cover page that has a big FaxZero logo on it, something they call as their “ad”. If you need to send more pages per document, you can pay $1.99 for the fax and the big logo will be removed or you can remove the cover page altogether.

If you’re wondering if this is legitimate, then there’s no need to worry. Not only is it BBB accredited, but I tried the free fax system myself and it worked like a charm. The quality is as good as regular fax quality and the cover page with the “ad” isn’t very obtrusive either.

The only issue I would say I have with it is that none of the pages that got faxed, including the cover page, mentioned how many pages were in the fax. This could be an issue with larger faxes and making sure the recipient gets everything.


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