iPhone 4 Antenna Issue: Not an Issue

July 13, 2010

So, I’ve been reading a lot of these reports lately where everyone is going crazy about the iPhone 4 signal dropping. I became the proud owner of one of these devices yesterday and yes, I was able to recreate the dropping of signal bars just as many others have. HOWEVER, I was also able to hold a full conversation on the phone with ZERO bars with call quality that was probably the best I’ve ever experienced.

So for all those who stumble across my site, let this be my quick post regarding this issue. It is NOT an issue. You may see the bars drop, sure, but that doesn’t affect your actual experience with the phone. If the bars indicator never existed, you never would have noticed a difference. So people, please stop worrying about these non-issues and causing events such as Apple’s stock dropping today for no reason.


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