iPhone 4 Delayed….again

June 16, 2010

So, yesterday, I made an attempt at pre-ordering the new iPhone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t because throughout the entire day, both Apple’s website and AT&T’s website kept crashing. I eventually got to the “Place Order” button and clicked it only to be met with another website crash. However, this time, my bank account showed that Apple tried to authorize my credit card, but the iPhone was still in my cart and I got no confirmation page or anything. At this point, I have no idea whether my order went through and I was told by Apple support to just wait and see what happens.

Well, I’m waiting now and as I’m waiting I got to see the “Delivered on June 24th” message change to “Ships by: July 2nd” and then change again to “Ships by: July 14th”. I’ve very surprised by these delays and the pathetic strength of the Apple and AT&T websites. Why am I surprised? Because both Apple and AT&T KNEW this phone was going bring in a massive volume of orders. It’s as if they’re releasing a popular product for the first time. Have they learned nothing from the iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and original iPhone?

Apple never should have released their product at this time if their (and AT&T’s) servers could not handle the traffic. Let alone having a small supply of their product, which required delaying the product shipment twice.


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